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Davide Esposito

Wedding photographer in Capri and freelance journalist

I describe the world through the camera. Since when
I bought my first SLR camera, in 2010, I have always
worked to describe reality through my lens.

I photograph the best day on the dream islandHere is my work, my résumé. But above all, there are the photos that I shoot every day. I'm a wedding photographer (not only) and a freelance journalist. I started taking pictures in 2010, when I bought a Pentax and I joined Umberto D'Aniello who allowed me to gain experience in the field of wedding photography.

I worked and keep working with magazines and newspapers devoted to the island. I curated many photo shoots for Capri Review, L 'Isola, Il Corriere di Capri and Yacht Capri Magazine. Here is a summary of my activities as a wedding photographer in Capri.   

Freelance journalist

I make photo shoots for print media and websites.

Freelance blogger

Let’s decide together what you want to illustrate on your blog. My camera is at your service.

Wedding photographer

I am a photographer, I tell about special days with my lens every day.

Photo editing

I take pictures, then select the best ones and modify them the way you want.

How to plan a wedding in CapriThat's right, there is a magazine devoted to wedding in Capri waiting for you. Here I summarize all my experience with wedding: I work, especially in the summer, in this field where selecting the right photographer is fundamental.

Not all photos are posed and not all are born in quiet moments, in fact the latter represent the minimum percentage of a photo shoot. Photographing a wedding means primarily intuition and speed in finding the right image. In this blog you can find all my experience about wedding photography in Capri.

Cups of coffee
Hours waiting for the bride

davide espositoWho is Davide Esposito?

I always loved understand how the links between people grow and how they affect society. I wanted to be a sociologist, but in the end I chose to be a photographer. Or rather, a wedding photographer in Capri.

The turning point of my life dates back to 2010, and is photography. From that moment on, everything comes in the company of that magic box able to preserve fragments of reality. My reality

I have dealt with local news, but not only. My photos told the Rolex Volcano Race and the America’s Cup for Yacht Capri Magazine.

After working in the press office for the event ‘Anacapri Meet the Art’, I started photographing weddings in Capri. The experience gained with more skilled photographers, as Umberto D’Aniello, has given me the opportunity to complete my news report-style with the elegance of the best wedding photography. I take photographies with a full frame SLR system. Versatility and a high image quality are typical of this system. I own different lenses, each one is able to return what I’m looking for and, when is necessary, I use external flash. In short, I have everything you need to eternalize your special day in Capri’s wedding locations. In order to tell a marriage story you must be quick: the latest generation of mirrorless system completes my equipment. This is very necessary when you need a small and discrete camera to cope with a small space.

My photos on social mediaA photographer must be on social networks because these channels allow you to create good connections. And to show the world your shots. Here you can find the best pictures, those that firstly moved my lens. You can follow me on different channels although I prefer the ones where you just write little and shoot a lot!   


The best wedding photos are on my Facebook page.


Here, on Instagram, you can find the photos that can draw the best out of filters.

"For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity"

Henri Cartier Bresson

Beyond the photo: What can I do for youWhat are my ideas and my activities? Do you want to organize a wedding in Capri and you are looking for a reliable and discreet photographer? Perfect, you've found it. I am a freelance journalist, but I am specialized in wedding photography. And I do it with passion, every day. And then? What can I add to the photographic service?   

Wedding video

Want to keep alive the memory of your wedding? Let’s work together to create a memorable content.

Photo album

The wedding photo album is a decisive step: would you like to have a printed and a digital version?

Black and white photos

If you love the contrast of black and white photos you just have to ask, I will put my passion at your disposal.

Couple portraits

The engagement is an important moment, that’s why you must photograph it with very good care.

Contact meDon't hesitate to ask me any info you need: I am here to take the best pictures, to change an unforgettable moment into a memory. But also to tell your story through a professional lens. Send me an email and I will answer you as soon as possible: memories can't wait.  

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